Hearken is Dead.
The Future has arrived

User suggestions, public changelogs and an over growing feature set. ChangeCrab is the new Herken, and it remains free to use.

Setup a ChangeCrab board within minutes and start gathering feedback from your visitors. Increase user satisfaction and let your visitors know you listen

We love taking companies to new levels. Here's how we work:

You setup a ChangeCrab board in 2 easy fields

Just let us know what you want to call your ChangeCrab board and what the url should be then as easy as that you now have a board to gather user feedback.

Tweak your board to your requirements - setup limits on voting or force a moderation queue

Your users share their suggestions

Simply link to your ChangeCrab board and gather feedback directly from your visitors. Each user can post new suggestions, comment on existing ones and importantly can vote on other peoples suggestions

Users can follow suggestions to get notified when something they are intrested in has been developed.

Inform & react to user feedback

Keep your users informed with pinned updates, status changes for any suggestion and road map features. By reacting and keeping your users in the loop you'll be building trust and increasing overall product engagement.

Passionate about great customer service

World Leading Support

Live Chat

Speak to a real human within seconds with our Live Chat

1 Level

You'll be speaking to the people who can truly help. No escalation

24 Hour

8AM to 8PM LiveChat hours, 24 hour urgent support

Founder lead

Our founders are focused on support as much as any other part of the company


Personalized Services

We're adding more features every week - of which of course are based on your suggestions on our own ChangeCrab board.

Missing a feature you need? Get in touch - you'd be surprised how quickly we can mobilise.


Customise your text, branding and logo on your ChangeCrab board. Bring your company identity over to your ChangeCrab board.

Vote Limiting

Want your users to really think about what they want rather than allowing them to go on a vote-fest? No problem! With ChangeCrab you can limit users to set number of votes per a day, or lifetime.

Spam filter

Turn on industry leading premium spam filtering for your board - avoiding your brand and reputation being damaged by illicit user posting. Gaining control is as easy as a checkbox

Guest Control

Want to remove all friction for users? With ChangeCrab you can allow guest voting and suggestion posting with IP & VPN proxy filtering.

Unlimited Boards

Got multiple companies or multiple aspects of your buisiness you want to control under one account? No problem! With ChangeCrab you can have unlimited suggestion boards

Automatic login

With just a tiny JS tag you can automatically log in users from your own authentication. Providing a seamless experience for your users