Oh hello! Welcome to the first ever blog post on Hearken.io – I can assure you it won’t be the last. We’re going to be using this blog as a way to communicate all the new features we’re rolling out based directly on your user feedback which of course you can provide at any time on our Hearken

But first, an introduction might be in order!… so… Hello!

I’m Daniel one of the team behind Hearken, I’ve been creating SaaS software for the past decade and fundamental to successes I have had is user feedback. Every single product I’ve ever designed that has been successful has only been successful because at the earliest of stages we listened to our users and shaped future developments to their needs.

It’s with this in mind that we’ve created Hearken. It’s a very simple to setup platform that allows you to gather user suggestions and allow other users to vote on them. We’re not blind to the fact we’re not the first platform in this space but already we have a feature rich experience which you can access right now for free.

Hey look! It’s a heaken board.

And we do mean free. I get that some companies say “free” and they mean either “free for now til we ditch the free plan” or “free, but really not in any usable state”. When you sign up for our free plan the features you get at that point are the minimum features you’ll always have. So why do a free plan? Have we decided that capitalism is evil and we don’t want any money?… well not quite. We believe that by having a free plan we’re buying ourselves an invaluable resource, the resource of feedback. From your feedback, we’ll continue to shape Hearken and then build out premium features that we feel add value.

Stay tuned (to excactly how you will tune your computer to ‘stay’ tuned is something I can’t offer any advice on) over the next week weeks and months as we roll out new features and general improvements. We’re excited about what we have so far, but basically are doing a little party dance about what we have yet to build.

Until that next time, tata for now!